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With over 25 years of experience, Jane Evans is an expert at handling insurance problems. Here are a few examples of her successes with real people in Arizona.

Small Business Group Insurance

A small business (family-owned) came to Jane Evans Insurance with a problem. They had been denied group health insurance by several carriers due to the fact that all employees were family members and one person had a pre-existing condition. Jane Evans researched companies that specialize in small business and was able to structure a group coverage to cover all employees! Bring your small business' health insurance needs to Jane Evans for innovative solutions.

Medicare Supplement

A 65 year old gentleman with multiple health problems was looking for a supplement to Medicare. Jane Evans was able to offer him a variety of understandable plans and helped him choose the best plan for his needs. If you are eligible for Medicare, visit with Jane Evans to design a plan to fit your particular situation.

Life Insurance

A family with small children felt they could not afford life insurance. Yet they wanted to provide for their children in the event of an unexpected tragedy. Jane Evans evaluated their needs and their budget and could offer them a 30-year level term policy that was well within their means. Regardless of whether you believe you can afford coverage or not, bring your requirements to Jane Evans for creative ideas on satisfying your needs while saving money.

No two people have the same situation. Jane Evans, with more than 25 years of experience in providing insurance solutions, specializes in customized service for unique people. To find out how Jane Evans Insurance Services can help you, please feel free to Request More Information

Home Types of Insurance Free Online Quote Solving Problems

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